Meet the Brands: Crappy’s Feel Better

Crappy’s is changing the game when it comes to tincture dominance (meaning they’ve effectively ended it ; )). Their CBD capsules are game changers and the founders behind the brand are on the dictionary page for “good people” . Meet the nerds we all want to be friend’s with: “So, it all started when aContinue reading “Meet the Brands: Crappy’s Feel Better”

Meet the Brands: Vital Leaf

Vital Leaf is leading the industry when it comes to their Plant-Forward approach, and exemplifies the gold standard quality that Grassed.Roots demands of its brands. We (and everyone else) love their chocolates, their mission and the community they’ve created. Vital Leaf™ is a way of life. We are driven by a purpose to infuse theContinue reading “Meet the Brands: Vital Leaf”

Know Your Farmer: Tricolla Farms

Tricolla Farms Tricolla Farms is truly a family affair with TONIC founder Brittany Carbone partnering with her husband Eric to manage their 10 acre farm located in upstate NY.  What we love about Tricolla Farms is the ethos that surrounds it-never compromising quality for quantity- which is making it an outpost of CBD ethics amongContinue reading “Know Your Farmer: Tricolla Farms”

Meet the Brands: TONIC

This month, Grassed.Roots is bringing you a double powerhouse in our brand partner TONIC.  This brand upholds the quality standards that define the Grassed.Roots movement and was born, in the brand owner’s own words, of necessity.  Founder Brittany Carbone sought a solution for her depression & anxiety that could reduce stress while boosting her mood…henceContinue reading “Meet the Brands: TONIC”

Grassed Roots Vetted Box- Review of Quim- Happy Clam CBD Oil

Product Review by Grassed.Roots featured blog writer Veronica Castillo Photo: I received the dopest box from Grassed Roots, a monthly subscription service, founded by 3 women, that provides subscribers with themed boxes of 5+ deluxe CBD samples. My box was amazing and loaded with quality CBD sample products from popular brands in CBD: Quim,Continue reading “Grassed Roots Vetted Box- Review of Quim- Happy Clam CBD Oil”

Should I Buy That Tincture Everyone Recommends?

You’ve seen them online. Those cannabis products everyone raves about. But before you hit the “order” button, do your research. Here’s what you should look for. *This piece was originally published on and is re-published here with the permission of the author. When purchasing anything at all, what works for you is what youContinue reading “Should I Buy That Tincture Everyone Recommends?”

A Beginner’s Guide To CBD

Many have never explored and/or encountered cannabis, and since hemp is now legal, a CBD beginner’s guide is necessary!  *This piece was originally published on and is re-published here with permission from the auther. Picture it: the hemp and CBD aisle at your local health shop. Likely, there’s a bit of hemp here, CBD over thereContinue reading “A Beginner’s Guide To CBD”

Featured Blog Writer: Meet the world’s best traveling vegan cannabis writer!

Grassed.Roots is ECSTATIC to be partnering with Veronica Castillo for our blog and Education Initiative. Verconica- called “One of the cannabis industry’s leading writers” and “a powerful woman in Cannabis destined to make history” stands for everything Grassed.Roots does: changing the stigma around plant medicine, opening new doorways to health and having fun doing it!Continue reading “Featured Blog Writer: Meet the world’s best traveling vegan cannabis writer!”

Meet the Brands: QUIM

QUIM is a brand we cannot get enough of! They are revolutionizing how we think about personal care, how we think about our bodies, and how CBD can work wonders on, yup, vaginas. What they say about their amazing mission and products: Quim is : A SELF-CARE LINE FOR HUMANS WITH VAGINAS AND HUMANS WITHOUTContinue reading “Meet the Brands: QUIM”