Grassed.Roots is …

Tierra, Natosha and Kiera. Three women dedicated to keeping the cananbis and CBD industry ethical, accessible and well, rooted.

We have a combined 15 years of experience in the cannabis industry. We each came to it for different reasons, but what we love about it is pretty similar: the power to heal ourselves, naturally, with this amazing plant.

This is a new industry. At the beginning of legalization, the community-oriented, grass root ethics that defined all the small cannabis start-ups made it a really special place. But in the CBD boom and cannabis gold rush, both companies and consumers seemed to get a little lost.

Enter Grassed.Roots. We didn’t want to see people losing out on the potential benefit of CBD because they didn’t know which products to trust, didn’t feel educated enough to try it, or were just disillusioned with the whole industry. We didn’t want to see the whole-hearted and passionate brands we knew were doing it right get lost in the herd of new CBD bandwagoners joining the race everyday.

So we decided to create a community around a simple idea: real brands with vetted products delivered to people with extra support so they can make the most of them.

This is our dream- and we hope the variety of CBD samples sent straight to your door will help you fulfill yours!

Tierra, Natosha and Kiera

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