Meet the Brands: Crappy’s Feel Better

Crappy’s is changing the game when it comes to tincture dominance (meaning they’ve effectively ended it ; )). Their CBD capsules are game changers and the founders behind the brand are on the dictionary page for “good people” .

Meet the nerds we all want to be friend’s with:

“So, it all started when a group of chemists sat down together in Conifer, Colorado, and wondered just how cool life would be if people didn’t have to feel Crappy. Then BOOM. Crappy’s was born—a line of go-to CBD products with one mission: to make you Feel Better.”

“Life’s too short to feel Crappy. That’s why a few nerds got together to create a line of relief products for a variety of on-the-go lifestyle ailments.

Our products are formulated with CBD, CBG, CBN, and terpene blends with one goal: to make you Feel Better.

“Big whoop! There’s a bunch of you CBD people out there!”, ya say? Well, you’re right. But Crappy’s was founded by a bunch of chemists where everything is based on nerd-like principles like, ya know, real science.

Remember, nerds always do their homework, and these products are nothing less than the biggest study session in hemp science. It’s the science that is, and has always been, there to help us out when we go a little too hard…and for the times when we wish we could go a little harder.

We bring the Feel Goods – effective, on-the-go, just-the-right-dose hemp products that are made to do just what you need them to, so you can get back to doing you.”

Crappy's Scientists

Getting you CBD your body can actually use

“Our “AH-HA!” moment: the amount of CBD in a tincture, gummy and other ingestible products all absorb about the same percentage of CBD, which is actually pretty darn low! So, we put our scientists’ brains together to create products with the perfect amount of CBD that your body actually uses.

That’s what makes our products different. Our nerdy technology and proprietary formulations work to give you the optimal amount CBD, CBG, and CBN, combined with our terpene blends, all packaged into a small chewable tablet!”

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