Meet the Brands: Vital Leaf

Vital Leaf is leading the industry when it comes to their Plant-Forward approach, and exemplifies the gold standard quality that Grassed.Roots demands of its brands. We (and everyone else) love their chocolates, their mission and the community they’ve created.

Vital Leaf™ is a way of life.

We are driven by a purpose to infuse the healing potential of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract into products you will enjoy. We use a Plant Forward Approach to craft each formula with careful consideration. By choosing organic, plant-based, fair trade, regenerative, and ethically-sourced ingredients, we can ensure you get the highest quality hemp oil in the most enjoyable ways possible–all while protecting the environment, regenerating the earth’s resources, and promoting healthier ecosystems.

Plant Forward CBD™ is both an approach and a commitment made by Vital Leaf

We take a Plant Forward CBD™ approach when formulating all Vital Leaf products, which means we consciously select, source, and pair specific ingredients with the infusion of CBD to maximize both the beneficial properties of the plant and user enjoyment. This means that the plant medicine is what truly shines and any additional ingredients only complement the CBD. Our products remain free of processed/refined/white sugars, high-glycemic sweeteners, artificial colorings and flavorings, common allergens, pesticides, preservatives, and any ingredient that would hinder the plant’s medicinal properties or the user’s enjoyment and accessibility. Now that’s a Dose of Vitality!


Meet the Vital Leaf founder, Christina Sasser. As an artisan chef, super foodie, and wellness educator, Christina finds her greatest connection to the earth and community through food.

For her, Vital Leaf is a culmination of her passions for nutritional healing, food activism, flavor, love, and intentional living.

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