Meet the Brands: TONIC

This month, Grassed.Roots is bringing you a double powerhouse in our brand partner TONIC.  This brand upholds the quality standards that define the Grassed.Roots movement and was born, in the brand owner’s own words, of necessity. 

Founder Brittany Carbone sought a solution for her depression & anxiety that could reduce stress while boosting her mood…hence TONIC was created.  Brittany cleverly combined ashwagandha root (one of our favorite herbs by the way) with CBD to come up with a remedy she could use during the day with great results rendered during her self-study.  It also was very important for Brittany’s TONIC brand to maintain quality cultivation practices which leads us to Tricolla Farms, TONIC’s very own family-owned hemp farm….

“The results were lifechanging and that’s when I knew I had to share this with the world. That’s how the O.G. got its name – it was the original blend that started it all”

Brittany carbone

Read more about Brittany’s journey and the amazing products it led her to create:

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