Know Your Farmer: Tricolla Farms

Tricolla Farms

Tricolla Farms is truly a family affair with TONIC founder Brittany Carbone partnering with her husband Eric to manage their 10 acre farm located in upstate NY.  What we love about Tricolla Farms is the ethos that surrounds it-never compromising quality for quantity- which is making it an outpost of CBD ethics among the growing white noise of the “green rush”.

Attention is given to cultivating with ethical practices such as harvesting whole plants and de-stemming/drying by hand maintaining the integrity of each plant harvested resulting in higher quality flower for customers!

Industrial techniques that have become common in “Big Hemp” compromise minor cannabinoid and terpene content for the sake of CBD %. It is a matter of quantity over quality. Harvesting whole plants, hang drying and de-stemming by hand is not the easy way to do it, but we do believe it is the better way.

“Growing higher quality flower and handling it with care throughout the entire process results in more efficient extractions (grow less, yield more) and lends itself to a more sustainable, intentional hemp industry.”

-Erik Carbone, Lead Grow

Tricolla Farms

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