Featured Blog Writer: Meet the world’s best traveling vegan cannabis writer!

Grassed.Roots is ECSTATIC to be partnering with Veronica Castillo for our blog and Education Initiative. Verconica- called “One of the cannabis industry’s leading writers” and “a powerful woman in Cannabis destined to make history” stands for everything Grassed.Roots does: changing the stigma around plant medicine, opening new doorways to health and having fun doing it!

Check out her website HERE and keep coming back to the Grassed.Roots blog to get her fresh view on CBD, cannabis and why it should matter to you.

Meet Veronica

I’m a girl from the south with a dream to explore. A lover of nature, travel, Cannabis and plant-based health. I research, educate, inform, and inspire people to think outside of society’s “normal”. 

I’m a resident of the road, on a mission to remove stigmas surrounding Cannabis, educate at least one person a day on the power of plant medicine and diet, and inform my readers about what’s coming, what’s happening, and what impacts them in the plant medicine space: new products, vegan brands, minorities in Cannabis and veganism, and so much more. 

As a Cannabis Writer-Journalist, I contribute to various Cannabis/Psychedelic industry publications (digital and print) and industry blogs. I am excited to be partnering with Grassed.Roots on our combined mission to build an inclusive industry.

I’ll be traveling through multiple continents and countries in exploration of Cannabis, hemp and other plant-based medicines. 

Stay tuned for more on: travel, minorities in Cannabis and psychedelics, black lives matter, veganism, all things Cannabis, and the sort of real-talk about plant medicine you likely won’t find anywhere else.

Visit her blog HERE to get the best of modern cannabis journalism

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