Know Your Farmer: TokN

With TokN CBD Tea and Hemp flower, your farmer IS the brand. Shawn and Ashley grow and farm hemp in Corvallis, Oregon, and have been in the industry since the beginning. They sell dried flower and also turn their beautiful, sun-drenched, high CBD hemp into TokN tea- one of Grassed.Roots’ favorite ways to turn your daily CBD supplement into a delicious self-care ritual (we like to add honey and almond milk).

What they say about their passion and company:

TOKN is inspired by a love for the outdoors and connection to the beauty around us. From farm fresh CBD flower to uniquely crafted CBD tea blends TOKN prides themselves with providing clean, potent whole plant hemp products at an affordable price. 

Ashley and Shawn were raised in Santa Cruz, California where they grew a love for organic farming and interest in sustainable business practices. TOKN CBD is their realization of a vision to bring, high quality whole plant CBD products from the farm to their community and beyond. 

TOKN’s 15 acre CBD hemp farm is nestled in the heart of the Willamette Valley. Their goal from the beginning has been to redefine what CBD hemp is a how it can be used. Far from only fit for industrial oil extraction, this plant has so much to offer in its whole form.

Our potent CBD flowers are cultivated with care from seed to sale- producing aromatic, therapeutically effective cannabis and hemp. Oregon’s optimal growing climate, stringent testing standards, and rich heritage of cannabis cultivation results in some of the best CBD hemp available. TOKN offers only premium small batch greenhouse, outdoor hemp flower and full spectrum products grown at our small farm in the Willamette Valley. 

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